Advanced Seminar

practical application of Biblical principles

Alumni of the Basic Seminar may attend the Advanced Seminar, which addresses key issues in further detail.



  • Tracing common conflicts to root causes
  • Building character, convictions, and standards
  • Responding to criticism
  • Using Biblical principles to evaluate music
  • Balancing the power of authority with the influence of an appeal
  • Understanding spiritual gifts and their influence
  • Developing a good name
  • Establishing a Biblical perspective on priorities
  • Applying the “levels of friendship” concept to dating and courtship
  • Recognizing the development of a “slothful man” and a “strange woman”


  • Building the spirit of your marriage
  • Love and good manners
  • Six goals that multiply success and happiness in marriage
  • Establishing clear communication


  • Giving children a purpose that motivates and directs their lives
  • Five aspects of a dynamic home
  • Teaching children to “stand alone” like Daniel
  • Principles of child discipline and education


  • How to apply twenty steps to financial freedom
  • How maintaining convictions leads to financial freedom

Instructor: Bill Gothard

Additional Instructors: Gary Fraley, Otto Koning, and Jim Sammons