Advanced Training Institute

Curriculum Centered Around Christ

The ATI curriculum uses the teachings of Jesus Christ, given in the Sermon on the Mount, as the primary source for teaching linguistics, law, history, science, and medicine. This approach makes ATI unique as it builds education on the foundation of faith in Christ and understanding His ways. This equips fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters to view every aspect of life from a Biblical perspective.


Annual and Regional Conferences

Each year regional conferences will be run across Australia, giving families training, encouragement, and fellowship with other ATI families. Annual Conferences are held once a year in Melbourne, for all ATI families around Australia to attend. Speakers such as Dr. Tim Levendusky and Chris Hogan will attend and give encouragement and training to families.

HSC groups

To help encourage families, HSC groups are organized to give families a chance to meet once a month and receive training and encouragement as they fellowship together with other families in their local area.


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