turning the hearts of children to fathers

Children’s Institutes (CI) are designed for children aged 5–12, and are held in conjunction with select Basic, Advanced, and Anger Resolution Seminars.

Godly young people volunteer as teachers, encouraging the children to develop Godly character by sharing nature stories, object lessons, and fun songs.

Children’s Institutes teach children to strengthen family relationships and build good character, while constantly reminding them that Jesus Christ is the only source of salvation and righteousness. Children are specifically challenged to:

  • accept themselves as God’s mistake-free creation.
  • cheerfully obey parents, teachers, and other God-given authorities.
  • build God’s truth into their lives and reject worldly lies.
  • become truly successful by memorizing Scripture.
  • learn to view hardships as stepping stones towards maturity and leadership.
  • view all they have as a gift from God and to use them in ways that please Him.
  • look to Jesus Christ for salvation.

Every student in the Children’s Institute receives a sash with character buttons, a name badge, and an activity book, along with crafts that illustrate and enhance the topics covered throughout the seminar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Am I allowed to watch the Children’s Institute (CI) sessions?

A: We generally discourage visitors in order to help the children concentrate on their lessons. If you would like to observe the CI, you may schedule an appointment with the CI staff to observe one large group assembly.

Q: My friend is unable to attend the seminar, but would like to have her children come to the CI. Can I bring them?

A: One primary goal of the CI is to turn the hearts of the parents to their children and the hearts of the children to their parents. We therefore require at least one parent to attend the seminar in order for the child(ren) to attend the CI. Appeals can be made to the Children’s Institute Director by close relatives who have an active role in the child(ren)’s upbringing.

Q: How are children protected during the seminar?

A: A parent or other responsible adult brings the child(ren) to the assigned team station and signs them in at the beginning of each session. The same adult is asked to return to the team station to sign the child(ren) out at the end of each session. Children are not permitted to leave the team station until signed out by the same person who signed them in.

During the sessions, children are escorted by teachers and student assistants to the rest room, first-aid station, water fountain, etc.

Q: Is it possible for my mature 5-year-old to attend the Children’s Institute?

A: Due to the demands of the CI schedule and the nature of mixed-age learning teams, we have restricted the age limit to students grades 1–6. Appeals can be made to the Children’s Institute Director for 5-year-old children.

Q: Can the CI staff administer medication to my children?

A: Children’s Institute staff members will not dispense any medication to children. However, parents may come to the team station and give needed medication to their child(ren). Parents should notify team leaders of any medical needs of their child(ren) at check-in on the first night of the seminar.

Q: Where will children eat their meals when the CI runs for a full day?

A: Whenever the CI runs a full day, parents should pick up their child(ren) for lunch/dinner and bring a non-refrigerated, non-microwaveable, disposable “snack” for the afternoon. Your child(ren)’s Team Leader will remind you a day in advance.

Q: May I videotape my child’s team and/or the large-group assemblies?

A: While videotaping of sessions is not permitted, parents are welcome to record the presentation that children make to parents on Saturday evening.