How to View a Seminar

Over 2.7 million people around the world have been blessed by the biblical principles shared in the Basic, Advanced, Anger Resolution and Financial Freedom Seminars. The insights presented in these seminars reveal root causes to surface issues that plague our churches, culture, and families today.  Understanding these basic principles and their applications in everyday life helps lay the foundation for overcoming deep-seated hurts, breaking financial bondage, resolving relational conflicts, and gaining wisdom in all of life’s experiences.

Whether you’re interested in watching the seminars for the first time, sharing the timeless truths with family and friends, or simply listening and reviewing the materials again for yourself, flexible options are available to fit your needs and schedule:

Attend one of our bi-annual seminar weekends held every June and November on the Victorian long weekend holidays. All of the seminars in various languages are offered, along with the Children’s Institute. Ask to be put on our mailing list for these events.

Hire the seminar DVDs to watch at home, or with your family and friends, small group, or church. All of the seminars are available for hire on DVD and come with the corresponding workbooks and textbooks.

Watch online at Embassy Media with a monthly or yearly subscription. (This does not count as a standard registration or make you alumni at one of our events, or include the textbook. The workbook can be downloaded and printed.)

Contact us or by calling our main office on 03 9735 2633 on Mondays, Thurdays and Fridays with your request.