Children’s Institute Report from the Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend Seminars

By Taylah Evans

This June, seven leaders and thirteen children spent an unforgettable long weekend together learning more about God’s design in nature, His plans and purpose for our lives and how by honouring our parents, we can have the greatest blessings of all.

We enjoyed spending time with the children through games, singing, learning scripture, a treasure hunt and simply by talking over meal times.

God’s obvious hand of blessing was over the entire weekend. The leaders were able to pull together really well and also spent time praying together every day.

There was a great sense of good sportsmanship amongst the children and everyone enjoyed story time, where we use great stories and illustrations to teach the children things like design, honour, obedience, responsibility, wisdom amongst other things.


The main theme for the whole weekend was The Names of God and what they mean, why it’s important that we know them and how they can help us to pray in more direct ways.

It was a lot of fun coming alongside these precious children, discipling them, teaching them, encouraging them, or just helping them with a craft.

On Monday afternoon, we had a time for the children to write and act out their own team skit on the theme of El Roi, the God Who Sees. It was done with a lot of laughs and fun, but also, both teams had a good message of someone who had done the wrong thing, thinking that nobody saw and then their repentance and ultimately, their                                                                                          redemption.

We also took a good look at ants, and how they are very wise in the way they conduct themselves. The Bible says in Proverbs, “Go to the ant thou sluggard, consider her ways and be wise. Who having no ruler or overseer, gathereth her meat in the summer.”

We had a story about Willie the elephant, who knew that he needed something desperately, but didn’t know what it was. Eventually, he met his father and suddenly felt safe under an authority who knew much better than he did.

We also had a story that illustrated how God’s commandments are like eggs. They are easily broken if we don’t take extra care of them. The children enjoyed very much seeing the consequences of breaking Gods law as we illustrated by breaking eggs over Mr. Jacob’s head.

It was a lot of fun, but deep down, there were times when great lessons were learned and the team leaders shared that they had times of great, meaningful conversations with the children during craft times.

It is our prayer that each of these children went home with a greater understanding of God’s different names and a love for his word as they spent time hiding it in their hearts.

To God all praise and glory!

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